H-Bar Omega, LLC Expert Advice For Major Stakeholders
in Optical Telecommunications Technologies

Addressing the specialized technical needs of:


Investment and financial


Legal , Regulatory, and intellectual Property Professionals


Direct broadband telecommunications industry Participants

H-Bar Omega, LLC

was Founded by Dr. Kerry Litvin and is an independent consultancy created to fully address the financial community’s needs, assist litigants in all related legal matters, provide expert technical and engineering support, as well as develop an internal intellectual property portfolio.

Investment and
Financial Communities:

H-Bar Omega provides technological due diligence support to investment managers and fund managers at private equity firms, venture capital firms, hedge funds, and other private or public financial institutions all with keen monetary interests in cutting-edge and/or commodity fiber optic, photonics, optical instrumentation, and all related technologies.

Legal, Regulatory, IP,
and Expert Witness:

The H-Bar Omega consultancy is available to provide expert witness support, advice, and technical analysis for: legal matters, regulatory issues, and intellectual property concerns in all disciplines of expertise.  Such services might be deemed necessary in an intellectual property dispute between companies or a regulatory dispute between private and public sector entities.

Broadband and
Telecommunications Industry:

The H-Bar Omega consultancy concentrates its expertise directly servicing the broadband/fiber-optic /telecommunications /high-technology industries; including providing technical modeling and analysis, laboratory prototyping, engineering support, and regulatory support to industry players both on the equipment manufacturer and the service provider sides of this market equation.

Founded by Dr. Kerry I. Litvin;
H-Bar Omega, LLC is an independent consultancy created to:

A) Provide Technology Due Diligence to completely address the financial community’s needs to fully understand the implications of potential high-tech investment opportunities from expert technological, engineering, scientific, and industry impact perspectives so that any investment decisions can be made in an entirely informed and unbiased manner.

B) Provide Expert Patent Portfolio Analysis with regard to the value, relevance, practicality, ease of detection, and the potential for infringement of the invention asset holdings.

C) Assist Litigants as an Expert Witness through testimony, research, or analysis in all related legal matters in cases pertinent to the expertise of the consultancy such as might be deemed necessary in an intellectual property infringement dispute or a regulatory dispute between private and public sector entities.

D) Provide Expert Engineering Design and Analysis Support to Direct Industry Participants within the Optical Communications / Telecommunications, Optical Instrumentation and Optical Sensor Sectors.

E) Develop an Internal Intellectual Property Portfolio.