Investment and Financial Communities

H-Bar Omega provides technological due diligence support

to investment managers and fund managers at private equity firms, venture capital firms, hedge funds, family office investment portfolio managers, management consulting firms, and other private or public financial institutions.

H-Bar Omega provides Technical Due Diligence to completely address the financial community’s needs to fully understand the implications of potential high-tech investment opportunities from expert technological, engineering, scientific, and industry impact perspectives so that any investment decisions can be made in a entirely informed and unbiased manner.

Available for on-sight technological due diligence reviews of investment prospects from new and upcoming start-up companies to well-established high-tech corporations.

The clients of H-Bar Omega typically have keen financial interests in businesses and markets related to:

  • Optical communication devices, components, and technologies
  • Optical sensing and measurement devices, components, and technologies
  • Fiber optic telecommunications networking systems and technologies
  • Broadband fiber optic, wired, or wireless communication components, subsystems, and networks
  • Telecommunications and broadband service providers
  • Optical instrumentation and measurement systems
  • Integrated photonic devices, circuits, and systems