Legal, Regulatory, IP, and Expert Witness

H-Bar Omega, LLC can provide patent portfolio asset reviews with regard to the value, relevance, practicality, industry impact, ease of detection, and the potential for infringement of the invention holdings including formulating claims tables or evidence of use charts. The consultancy has evaluated numerous intellectual property portfolios for clients. These portfolios comprised of approximately 2500 patents to date.

The H-Bar Omega consultancy is available to provide
expert witness support, advice, and technical analysis for:

legal matters, regulatory issues, and intellectual property concerns in all disciplines of expertise. Such services might be deemed necessary in an intellectual property dispute between companies or a regulatory dispute between private and public sector entities.

  • Optical communication devices, components, and technologies
  • Optical sensing and measurement devices, components, and technologies
  • Fiber optic telecommunications networking systems and technologies
  • Broadband fiber optic, wired, or wireless communication components, subsystems, and networks
  • Telecommunications and broadband service providers
  • Optical instrumentation and measurement systems
  • Integrated photonic devices, circuits, and systems